From a Spectral View

by Murkadee

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With their sophomore effort "From A Spectral View", Murkádee’s small town, homemade pop combines beautiful harmony with unique instrumentation. Along with DeLaine Bennett’s innocent vocals, ever-popular clarinet, and Joseph K Murphy’s often effect ridden guitar work, a host of guest musicians accompany the band including thebrotherkite’s Patrick Boutwell. Murkádee also builds on their reputation for odd recording spaces, adding a tractor trailer truck and a cabin deep in the heart of the woods of Epping to an already impressive list. This seemingly inspires an even more personal and dreamy modification to the unmistakable Murkádee sound.

Built on a mutual love of music and deep fascination with sound, Joseph K Murphy and DeLaine Bennett’s relationship has captured the love of their community. Coming from the same area that produced The Shaggs, the small, gas station heavy farm town of Epping, New Hampshire is an unlikely source of pride for the two. The two met in elementary school, but it wouldn’t be until years later in high school that they gave birth to their hugely intimate tonality.

DeLaine’s vocal abilities show considerable growth, as heard on tracks like “Pillow,” an epic song from the view point of a small child’s imagination. Her voice compliments co-singer Joseph K. Murphy’s, while also teaming with a 12 piece chorus on many tracks. Joseph’s arrangements give a nod to both classical compositional techniques, while breaking down walls of often-untouched territory. Neither counterpoint nor chaos is excluded from the disk.

This can be attributed to his dedication to self and formal musical education. While both DeLaine and he were members of their high school band, Joseph began studying music theory in 7th grade, and giving into to the self-recording bug at the same time. DeLaine is no slouch herself, attending Boston’s New England Institute of Art where she is training as an audio engineer.

"From A Spectral View" is an intimate LP challenging musical expectations with more than pleasing results. Murkádee is real people, creating home made pop for the human heart.


released January 1, 2006

Joseph K Murphy - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, etc
DeLaine Bennett - Vocals, Clarinet, etc

Mike D'Errico -Drums, percussion, accordion back up vocals
Patrick Boutwell - Drums, back up vocals, percussion, bass
Laurel Briere - Back up vocals,
John Herman - Trombone
Jon Briggs - Banjo
Sharon Harvey - Bass
Jeremy Murphy - Back up vocals
Brittany Fecteau - Saxaphone, back up vocals
Dan Murphy - drums



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Joseph K Murphy Epping, New Hampshire

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